French Car Logos

The cars created by French car brands are just an amazing testament when it comes to comfort, performance and technological success. France has a lot of tradition when it comes to creating beautiful and amazing cars. Many major car manufacturers have their own headquarters here, which show the amount of dedication that went into the creation of these amazing vehicles.

These French car logos emerged from a country that became the 10th-largest automobile manufacturer in the world by 2011. They are the third largest in Europe after Germany and Spain. Let’s explore the logos of these major car manufacturers and the story behind each one.


Alpine Logo

Alpine Logo

1 – Alpine

This company was founded in 1955 by Jean Redele. Unfortunately the company went out of business in 1995 but while they were around they specialized in sport and racing cars. Some of their models were deemed street legal as well. The logo itself has a stylized “A” that is bent across a track to look as if it is moving at a high speed.

The logo’s surrounding shape is accented with the French flag on each side to showcase their roots.


Citroen logo

Citroen Logo

2 – Citroen

The logo of this company dates back to when 22-year old Andre Citroen made a trip to Lodz city in Poland. It was here that he saw a unique design for a chevron-shaped gear used in milling. He purchased the patent for it and used it in steel manufacturing.

The two chevrons of the logo changed over time until 2009 when the company launched a new brand identity to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the company. The new logo was designed by Landor Associates and it now has a 3D metallic variation of the chevron look with a new font for the name.


Peugeot Logo

Peugeot Logo

3 – Peugeot

This company is the largest automaker in Europe. The logo is one of the most widely recognized and carries with it a high level of respect. The history of this “lion” logo goes back to 1847 when the company was making saw blades and steel goods. The last iteration of the logo was made in 2002 when the company unveiled the “Blue Brand” that showed the lion’s shadow.

The logo also features a custom typeface designed by graphic artist Christophe Badani.


Renault Logo

Renault Logo


4 – Renault

This company makes cars, trucks, vans, tractors and a variety of other heavy-duty vehicles. It was founded in February of 1899 by three brothers named Louis, Marcel, and Fernand. After partnering with Nissan, the company has sene massive success.

The logo has evolved consistently over the years since the first iteration in 1900. This original design featured the initials of the three brothers. The largest changes happened in 1906, 1919, and 1923. The diamond logo took shape as time went on and experienced some minor overhauls in the design.

The current logo has been in use since 1992. The yellow square and brand name were introduced in 2004 and 2007.

Now that you’ve seen the stories behind these French car logos, it’s time to decide which one is your favorite.