History of Car Logos and Origins

As we already know, all car brands have a history of their own. While some brands have expanded tremendously throughout the years, some of the other brands have disappeared or have been bought by other companies. The most popular car brands create and sell millions of cars each and every year, but in order to become such powerful companies, they first hand to build their own brand and image.

The most important part in creating the brand was surely choosing the car logos and origins. We mostly recognize cars after their design, but the highest impact on us is surely the logo. We remember most car brands because of a logo, so it needs to be powerful and send the desired message with ease.


Abarth Car Logo


Abarth – Their logo includes the company name as well as three colors that symbolize the Italian flag. There is also a scorpion (the astrological sign of the founder) and two more dominating colors that signify the company’s commitment to motor racing.

Alfa Romeo Car Logo

Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo’s logo is a grass snake with a man in its jaw. They are surrounded by the company name as well as other items. The logo is known to representing a person’s ability to stand against opponents and face them. It also references a family crest.

BMW Car Logo


BMW has quite a stylish logo that signifies the origins of the brand in Slavia. While it’s not that imposing, it does bring style and a unique design to the whole car, which is surely the main purpose of a logo after all.

Buick Car Logo


Buick had quite some interesting logos throughout their history, most of them including an eagle, but nowadays the company has changed all of that with a crisp, interesting three shield badge.

Citroën Car Logo


Citroen’s logo is actually comprised of two inverted V signs. Not that fancy, but it shows the main occupation of the founder in the steel working industry.

Ferrari Car Logo


Ferarri’s logo on the other hand is widely regarded as a great symbol for the company, as the “Prancing Horse” is known for its speed. Fiat has a very simple logo that illustrates the company name on a color background which has changed throughout the years. The same thing goes for the Ford logo, although in this case there are some small differences in the writing style.

Jaguar Car Logo


Jaguar’s logo is depicting the feline in its name. The brand name and logo bring you quite a good idea on how agile and easy to drive their cars really are. Kia, just like Ford and Fiat depict their name, nothing too extravagant but it works.

Lamborghini Car Logo


Lamborghini’s logo is a charging bull and above it you can clearly see the company name. Mazda on the other hand has a set of two wings that try to depict the high speed their cars are capable of.

Mercedes Benz Car Logo

Mercedes Benz

Mercedes-Benz is a brand that symbolizes luxury and perfection, so their logo tries to do the same thing. It actually tries to depict the company’s domination of air, sea and land using a three pointed design.

Peugeot Car Logo


Peugeot’s main symbol is a lion, and that particular feline is also included in the logo of the firm, symbolizing the power of the company and how fierce they react against the competition.

Toyota Car Logo


Toyota’s logo is comprised of three different ovals that create a very unique and interesting shape. Volkswagen tries to bring its own unique logo in the form of VW that symbolizes the initials of the company.

As you can see, all car manufacturers have their own logo which depicts a certain period in their history or symbolizes their most powerful traits. These Car logos and origins are amazing on their own and symbolize the brand, allowing these companies to remain a vivid portion of our memories.